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Tiny People, Tiny Posts – An Asura Week Review

Asura Week is over and it was a … revelation to me. A short race means a reasonably short blog post apparently, but maybe I’m just used to the long blog post the sylvari week brought us. Think of it what you will, this race week still gave us some information, and something for me to ponder about. And that is a great accomplishment, looking at the fact that the asura sometimes use words that make a story a lot more complicated. Continue reading


Planting A Seed – A Sylvari Week Review

The Sylvari Week is over and soon, we’ll all be able to see them in the demos at GamesCom and PAX. To sum up the week: great. And to sum up the things we discovered: it’s all in the details. Continue reading

I Wanna Cuddle Them – A Quaggan Post

Quaggan, a friendly, fat dolphin looking race has emerged in Tyria. Being driven away by those horrible krait, they went from living on the bottom of the ocean, being almost unknown, to living in little lakes and rivers. Why didn’t they fight? Why didn’t they just blast those krait instead of running and making themselves known to murdering pirates and other enemies? Well, because they’re afraid to get mad. Continue reading

Let’s Bring On The Metal – A Charr Week Review

Who doesn’t want a hot, sexy warrior in its bed? If it weren’t for those claws and the fact that they had some major issues in the past, I think humans would get along with these beasts. But who am I to change the past. Charr week is over, and it was some heavy stuff. No, seriously, metal is heavy. Continue reading

The Children Of Mountains – A Norn Week Review

Norn, a band of heroes who have their own stories, and this was their week, although they will always be the ones in the spotlight. They will do everything to become a legend or die trying, which will be the way they stay famous. And this their summary. Continue reading

Struggling To Survive – A Human Week Review

Our beloved Human Week has come to an end. We all waited with impatience and enjoyed as much as we could. A lot of people are already speculating with the new pictures we got, especially about the three remaining professions. But, let’s face it, we got a lot less than we were expecting. But that’s more our fault than Arenanet’s. We should’ve known that it was more about the hype than the information. But, you know us fan boys, always wanting too much. And although we wanted much, we got what we were allowed to and we even got an unexpected update.
Continue reading