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The Mesmer Has Me Overwhelmed – A Mesmer-Update-Beta Opinion

Some big reveals have been made this week, and I’m only talking about them now. First off all, I wanted to calm down before writing about them. Secondly because I just didn’t have the time or energy to write; with the holidays and all of that. Thirdly, because I’m addicted to watching SWTOR; yes, I know, sue me, it’s because I need something.
So now, we’re getting to the reveal of the mesmer; the update of the achievements, thief and the animations and my opinion on the closed beta; all in one post.  Continue reading


Information For The Cravers – A View of the Development Update

Let’s be honest here, we have been going nuts ever since Gamescom. People are saying the hype is dying, moderators have to step in every day to ask members to stay on topic and it’s been one big guessing game. ArenaNet knows this and has finally decided to do something about it, and instead of choosing a title like: Pets and how they look updated, they decided to give us everything we wanted: a development update.  Continue reading

Tiny People, Tiny Posts – An Asura Week Review

Asura Week is over and it was a … revelation to me. A short race means a reasonably short blog post apparently, but maybe I’m just used to the long blog post the sylvari week brought us. Think of it what you will, this race week still gave us some information, and something for me to ponder about. And that is a great accomplishment, looking at the fact that the asura sometimes use words that make a story a lot more complicated. Continue reading

Playing As A Shadow While Being A Bodybuilder – A PAX East Demo Review

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve written something. Sorry for that. But that doesn’t mean I forgot about Guild Wars 2. Actually, I never stopped thinking about it. 6 profession revealed, 2 more to go. But yet, so many features to be revealed. The redesigned Sylvari, PvP, the remaining race weeks, and now apparently also the, what I call ‘foe’ weeks. But let’s focus on that later. Now, I’d like to focus on something that’s about all of this. Something that brings all of this together in some ways.

I’m talking about the PAX East demo. Continue reading