The Mesmer Has Me Overwhelmed – A Mesmer-Update-Beta Opinion

Some big reveals have been made this week, and I’m only talking about them now. First off all, I wanted to calm down before writing about them. Secondly because I just didn’t have the time or energy to write; with the holidays and all of that. Thirdly, because I’m addicted to watching SWTOR; yes, I know, sue me, it’s because I need something.
So now, we’re getting to the reveal of the mesmer; the update of the achievements, thief and the animations and my opinion on the closed beta; all in one post. 

First of all; what we’ve been waiting for so long; the reveal of the mesmer. We’ve all know it was there, and we knew it for sure because of the early skill video leak. I found it sad that the profession was leaked because I really liked the “deception” intro ArenaNet made for the reveal. They put a lot of thought in it and one site decided to ruin it.

The mesmer is everything I imagined. I always thought the mesmer was someone who deceived their enemy with illusions; something that was not the case in Guild Wars. ArenaNet even went so far as to add two types of illusions; which seems very convenient to me.

You have the clones, which look like you to the enemy. They have low health and are meant to deceive your enemy for a split second.
Then you have phantasms, which look like a pink, transparent version of you. They have higher health and are meant to annoy your enemy.

The best thing about these clones are that they don’t just distract your enemy, but they can also be shattered in four ways; one damages your enemy; one stuns your enemy; one creates a barrier around the mesmer and one confuses your enemy.

Confusion is the latest condition that is added to Guild Wars 2. It’s a stackable condition that damages your enemy every time it uses a skill.
This condition seems perfect for the mesmer and is, obliviously, linked to Guild Wars. Luckily, it’s not exclusive to the mesmer.

The third specialty of the mesmer are their mantras. These skills take a longer time to charge up; which can be done before the battle; and can be released at a latter time, becoming a high damage attack.

What I really liked about the skill video, was the teleportation skill. It really showed how complicated and thought through the mesmer can and needs to be. Plus, it’s really pretty and the sound of it is awesome. I see great potential in it.
The veil skill was another example of the skill you need to play a mesmer.

The second thing we got to think about was the update of the achievements, thief and the animations.

You have three achievement-types now; daily, monthly and regular.
Daily achievements are easy to complete and give you experience and gold every time you complete them. They are repeatable and reset themselves every day.
Monthly achievements are the same as daily achievements; but are a little harder and reset themselves every month.
Regular achievements are the achievements we’re used to: non-repeatable, grinding and hardest to get. They don’t give you any useable awards; they’re purely cosmetic.

The thief got a, what I believe to be, small update.

The steal ability now allows you to steal an object and store it for later use.
They now also have special stealth skills. Every time you go into stealth, your first skill gets replaced by the stealth skill.

The animations also got an update; which I didn’t fully understand.

What I understood from the blog post was that animations now merge more smoothly; so when you go from one attack into another, you get a smother transition. I’m going to neglect the technical details.

The last thing I’m going to talk about is the closed beta.

We were told that the closed beta started two weeks ago, on Friday 16th, after long anticipation. I think it great that the game is advancing and getting closer to it’s release; and it was responsible for the creation of a new “Release Date Speculation” thread on GW2G after the previous one got closed because of all the craziness coming from us fans.

In the new thread poll, we can see that people are definitely setting their hopes on a quarter 2 release.

When the news arrived that some of us could get an invitation for the closed beta; I started think about what I would do if I, miraculously, got one.
I consider getting into the closed beta to be a curse as well as a blessing. In every other case, I would consider it a blessing; but with Guild Wars 2 it could be a curse too.

It would be a blessing because I would finally be able to play the full, yet unfinished, game myself. I would be able to get a feeling of the mesmer, as well as the other professions; see Lions Arch and all the other area’s and contribute to the finished game.

It would be a curse because I wouldn’t be able to play game undiscovered with my friends and when it’s finished; I would have played it unfinished and would be done with it before the game got released. It would be like watching all the trailers of a movie, having seen 7/8 of the movie, then going to see the premiere and concluding that I’d seen the movie before it was released and shown like it should be.

I would never want that, so I would probably play the starter area of two races, try out all the professions, play one or two PvP matches and play half an hour in WvWvW. That way, I’d have played the game and satisfied my need for Guild Wars 2 without having ruined the fun.

So, after all this craziness, it’ time to settle down again and wait while the game is being tested. We’ll probably won’t get a lot of information on the game for a while; so let’s hope that the next post something, it’ll be the open beta and release date.

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