Changing Alliances – A Guild Review for GuildMags Blog Carnival

Some details were revealed about the new guild system of our favorite upcoming MMORPG at Gamescom and PAX, and it’s time to blog about it. We can still join multiple guilds, but they will be tied to our account instead of our character, and we can switch our ‘dedication’ to a guild with a simple click of our mice. Switching loyalty at seconds notice: a blessing or doomed to fail.

At first, the concept didn’t seem too bad to me. You could join multiple guilds and enjoy all the aspects of the game. You could join a PvE – dynamic event oriented guild, but also a casual PvP and an organized PvP guild, and decide which guild you want to be part of that day. If you want to do some casual PvP, go to guild B, but in the afternoon, you’re sick of the occasional interference of noobs, and you decided to go to the organized PvP guild to do some hardcore, challenging PvP battles. The next day, you’re a little tired of the adrenaline rushes and decide to lay back and do some PvE and click on the according guild to dedicate yourself to that guild, for the time being. All nice and simple, belonging to the guild which fits your mood, yet still being able to join another when you feel like it. But, there are some problems.

For example: You are doing some laid-back PvP’ing, but at the same time your WvW(vW) guild is in some serious trouble. The fort is being taken by a rivaling guild, and they are spamming their guild chat, calling out to members to come and save the day. It has been said that you can only see the chat of the guild you are belonging to at that very moment. So, in other words, your WvW guild is in serious trouble and you have no idea that you can be the one that saves them because you don’t know about it. The next day, you check in with your WvW guild and are yelled at because you weren’t there to help them out.
Sometimes, you just need a push to shift alliance for the better of that guild. You should be aware of what goes on at all your guilds so you don’t have situations like this. Another example is that someone is offering something to trade that you have been looking for a long time, but you are doing some WvW at that moment, with the according guild, so it just goes to some stranger that was willing to offer some gold for the item you need so badly.

Now, let’s all remember that the game isn’t finished yet, and that there isn’t an extensive blog post about the guild system yet, so changes might still happen. And also remember that ArenaNet is known to listen to their fans, so if the community really feels that the guild system should change, they will take that into account.

Let’s leave what we know behind us and let’s get speculating and wishing.

There aren’t going to be any guild halls in the initial release of Guild Wars 2, so how are guilds going to come together and … you know … meet and do stuff.
I’ve been thinking about it and really didn’t come up with anything solid. I never experienced a real use for guild halls in the original Guild Wars, so I don’t really care about it. I never participated in a GvG battle, and that’s the only solid use I found for them. We could have an instance where guild members could come together and meet in each of the races capital, but of course Lion Arch is a better meeting place for all five races.
There might be a square in Lions Arch where guilds could come together, again in an instance, but what might be even nicer is that guilds could “rent” a place in Lions Arch that could act as their meeting spot, but would also display their accomplishments as a guild in the form of trophies. Or a combination of this and the square. Guild vaults are, according to me, going to be in the same spot of the banks in the capital cities.

And we also have WvW where a guild might just make the difference. When thinking about  forts that can be taken over and claimed for a guild, I can practically see the guild banners and flags waving around the fort, and NPCs yelling the name of the guild in all its glory. And thinking about it, such a fort could be the perfect place for guilds to use as a guild hall. While you are meeting and talking among each other an enemy guild might be planning or might even be busy assaulting the fort. This takes suspension and dedication to a whole new level.

Something that is also guild-oriented are the message that keep popping up in Guild Wars. This guild has just won a battle in the Hall of Heroes. How boring. I was thinking that the banner of that guild might just be hanging in the main square of each capital city for a while if they accomplished something big while an NPC stands underneath the banner, telling players what that specific guild did to get famous enough to have its banner hanging in the main square of the Black Citadel. Now, this wouldn’t be advertisement. Don’t think about a 50 foot tall banner, but something small. Maybe three feet or something. Something that would get noticed but not dominate the entire square. Maybe bigger banners, but a dedicated square for them.

Something else my guild leader brought up is that he wanted to punish his guild members, and then we started to talk about cookies so we came up with the idea of punishing bad guild members by not giving them any cookies. Crazy idea as an actual implementation, but it might serve as a basis. When a guild member is bad, and a guild leader wants to punish that member, there can be some way for the guild leader to take away benefits from that specific member like taking away his benefits of the flags that guild members will be able to place in the world or temporary suspend him from the guild. I’m sure there are a lot of ways that “taking away the cookie” would work in Guild Wars 2.

 The last thing that got me interested are the well-known guild capes. Now, this is something that was made a while ago and is still relevant. I’m going to let the picture do the talking. Credit goes out to Baktwerel.

And that’s about it. My inspiration runs dry tonight, so I’m going to stop here. But if anything: this is the only the beginning of guilds.

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