How To Get A Painting In A Video – A GamesCom 2011 Trailer Review

Some blog about the PvP information we just received, others about the small parts of the demo that were posted online. But I’m going to blog about what really struck me today: the Guild Wars 2 GamesCom 2011 Trailer. Although some footage was recycled, a very big part of the trailer was brand new, epic footage. Guild Wars 2, you never get old. Prepare for a blog post containing 40 images.

The trailer begins with the real foundation of the game: art. The trailer comes to live with paint strokes, synced with the music. It’s true that, when looking at the environment in Guild Wars 2, you really see the art style that’s implemented in the game. During this arty intro, we see concept art from the very talented artists at ArenaNet come to life, with birds and statues, and we even see the creation of the Dragon Brand, horrific yet beautiful.
ArenaNet is really trying to make it’s game a real eye-catcher, and loves emphasizing the art implemented in its game. It is true that even people who hate MMO’s will want to play Guild Wars 2, even if it’s only because of its most beautiful surroundings.

Ding, Ding, Ding, Biiiiird ...

White paint for a fresh start

Oblivion coming toward you

Fluently from one into another

Before ...

... and after

Fly ...

... and die

The paint forming itself

After the intro, and throughout the rest of the trailer, we get a look at our team of hero’s, Destiny’s Edge. Of course, the new, redesigned Caithe is present in the footage; and together they fight the bad guys. You just have to love how Caithe performs a vault to jump over the tree. And seeing her in action really makes her “real” after the redesign.

Jump, Caithe, Jump!

Isn't it epic? Even the lightning is art. But what is Audrey doing there?

Spin, Caithe, Spin!

Only Eir can do these kind of attacks

The first glyphs of the Orrian undead is really something that makes me excited for the game. When you think of undead, you think of gray, green monster, all made up of bones. But these undead are so colorful and unique. It’s special how ArenaNet was able to make the undead look terrible yet beautiful and exiting to fight while still being able to enjoy the art-side of the monsters. The color of the coral that grows on their back matches the hue of their body, but their faces capture the horror that is Orr.

Does coral really have that color? And isn't it heavy?

We also get a look at the krait, the horrors of the seas, only matched by the Orrian undead. The glide through the water with grace and stealth, ephesizing the strenght that lies within them and the fear they will spread wherever they go. The detail that was put into them also pleases me, the scales really shine and give them the look they need.

Gliding toward YOUR dead

The cities are also on display, showing them really quickly. Rata Sum really gave me a sense of vertigo, and I’m still wondering about how we’ll be able to walk throught that city. Did the asura also delete gravity, deciding it was “unnecessary”? And then, we see the very mysterious airships fly over Lion’s Arch. Doesn’t it give you a feeling of: “We go to war!”? I’m really wondering if we’ll be able to walk and battle from within these airships. It does give me warm feeling inside and I would definitely like traveling and battling from within them. Seeing that they are emphasized in the trailer, makes one wonder how important they’ll be. I think we might be soon boarding the S.S. Asuran Balloon.

Lion's Arch

Divinity's Reach, with smoke and all

The Black Citadel

Sorry, which way is "up"?

It kinda looks like the ending of a movie

The S.S. Asuran Balloon

And they flew off to be never seen again

Some new bosses are also introduced in the trailer, some bigger than others, but still all of them are the largest I’ve ever seen. The statue boss looks like it’s being taken over by a ghost, the techno robot spewing at everyone with fire makes you wonder whether the engineers of Tyria want to take over, a ship made of bone, flouting on the water like a giant Mammoth, and Zaithan just keeps making new Champions, this Dragon of flesh and bone, but no skin, probably being one of them. And notice how the environment is really destructible. Those pore ruins, lost forever because a dragon decided to land there to just fly away moments later.
Oh, and let’s not forget the Giant we’ll be able to battle. Stomp here, stomp there, crushing an asura like an ant – you racist giant – .


Run, RUN! Yeah, that's not the best situation to get into

That's UNESCO, you know

Talking about destructible environment


That's a lot of bones

Only is eyes is glowing, that's not to ba...

...HOLY ****!

Should've run faster

He thinks it's funny

Running towards doom

Two against one is fair in this world

And last but not least, we are shown some recycled skill footage, but also some new skills. First of all, the long-anticipated norn totem transformations. Raven, snow leopard, wolf and bear all shown at once. What we don’t get to see is the actual transformation process, making me wonder whether it’ll be another *puff* you’re a wolf animation or a more epic one that fits Guild Wars 2. But, the transformed norn themselves look fierce, even raven made me back away.


Nice fur

We get to see a little bit of asuran action, and now haters of them just have to admit that they wouldn’t want to face an asuran warrior alone. If he can take on three ogres at the same time, he can take on you. Of course, Zoija is once again present, this time blasting foes away with the lighting from her hands. Asuras: fiercer than any other race.

He's faster than you think

Blast it!

And to finish it off: two summons. The Hounds of Balthazar are shown, smaller then excepted but more power, blasting away enemies when they leap at them. Set the world on fire, my little minions. And then, the mysterious necromancer summon, looking like it’ll be an elite. Not long after the community saw the video, they began speculating about it. It looks like the elementalists won’t be the only ones who get to summon things. And to say the least, I wouldn’t want to run into one of these guys in the dark. And that’s where necromancers lurk. This can never be good.


Oe, necrotic glow

Team up and prepare for Guild Wars 2, because once again the trailer proves that it’ll be epic. Bright undead, spinning sylvari, boats made of bones and scales flashing through the water, it’ll be as beautiful as it’ll be epic.

2 responses to “How To Get A Painting In A Video – A GamesCom 2011 Trailer Review

  1. Wow, thanks for the break down. It’s nice to have someone point out the characters and locations. How long did it take to break it down?

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