Do You Get A Map When Visiting? – A Lion’s Arch Post

A video, a blog, a map, we’ve all seen it a while ago. Lion’s Arch was born a while ago, changed because of the rising of the Dragons and became strong, more beautiful and, most importantly, bigger than ever. And when I say bigger, I mean it’s huge.

I know it’s been some time and I know I didn’t write anything, but I had finals to deal with. I tried to right this blog many times, but it comes down to this: LA is HUGE. And beautiful. But it’s just huge. When I first saw the video and blog, I was thinking: I’m definitely gonna get lost. That waypoint traveling is gonna cost me a lot of money unless it’s free within cities. And god, let’s hope so. I also thought it was the most beautiful city I had ever seen in a game. LA is going to be my favorite city. There is no changing that.

Now, when we take a look at the map, we can guess about a lot of thing.

We can see Old Lion’s Arch. Now, it’s not hard to tell what that is all about. It’s the sunken part of the old city. And when I’m guessing, I think I can smell a lot of exploring over there.

It’s also very oblivious where the heart of the city lays: the Agora with the Trader’s centrum, where I guess the merchants are going to stand, and the Captains Council, who knows what we might discover there.

It seems that the city needs to be heavily guarded. We can find Smuggler’s Watch in the top right corner, and in the lower left corner Lion’s Gate. Now, a while ago, I heard something of an island in front of Lion’s Arch, where there would be dynamic events or an arena involving the dark minions of Zhaitan. Maybe Lion’s Gate is where we can find the traveling point.

Now, something that probably sent PvP’ers flying up in the air is the Old Lion’s Arch Arena. We know that there is an arena in Lion’s Arch where (SPOILER) Destiny’s Edge fought for their freedom. But we don’t know if we will be able to compete in the arena. Of course, it would be the perfect place for 5v5, so let’s keep hoping that ArenaNet made it happen.

Still, there remains a huge part of the city we know nothing about and can’t make a guess about, or at least one that is supported by some arguments. I say: let’s wait and see what the game will give us. We won’t have to wait long because of the fact that the city is connected to all the other main cities by asuran gates and will almost certainly be available from the start.

The recently released trailer and screenshots of Lion’s Arch also shows us how beautiful the city actually is, how grand, how multicultural. It’s a little like the Venice of Tyria, a city floating over the water, build with huge boats. Say, what you want about the city, it’s as beautiful as it is ideal for many of our adventurers to embark on their many PvE adventures. Let’s just hope it isn’t washed away by that horrible Zhaitan…again.

One response to “Do You Get A Map When Visiting? – A Lion’s Arch Post

  1. Awesome post! Haven’t heard the news of Lion’s Gate before… Interesting 🙂 Also a really nice header!

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