I Wanna Cuddle Them – A Quaggan Post

Quaggan, a friendly, fat dolphin looking race has emerged in Tyria. Being driven away by those horrible krait, they went from living on the bottom of the ocean, being almost unknown, to living in little lakes and rivers. Why didn’t they fight? Why didn’t they just blast those krait instead of running and making themselves known to murdering pirates and other enemies? Well, because they’re afraid to get mad.

When a quaggan gets mad, they become an unstoppable force of nature. Their sharp teeth emerge and they can no longer be reasoned with. They get so angry that it is the only emotion they feel. Normally, quaggan are a friendly, cuddly race, very hospitable and open to all kinds of peace. They are even so modest that they don’t like to talk about themselves as “I”, but prefer to call themselves “quaggan”. When they say they’re fine, they say “Quaggan is fine.” I personally think this is very cute.

Because of their friendly nature, they don’t like to get mad and become this crazy, hostile creature. They’re ashamed when they become reasonable again and that’s why they try to avoid combat at any cost and were driven away by the krait. There are some quaggan who are able to control themselves in this angry state, and all of them are heroes who have gone on many adventures. It seems that they are the perfect races when it comes to protecting.

When I saw the blog post about the quaggan, and they’re posture, I immediately thought: wow, well, there are going to be quite a lot of events surrounding the plot “Save the quaggan”. I won’t mind that, seeing that I like to protect the weak, but I hope that ArenaNet keeps it fun and makes up different plots. And when looking at what they have already done, I think they’ll manage. No, I’m sure of it.

I also want to anger a quaggan. Of course, there will be many to judge me for it, but I just want to see HOW strong they are. And of course, I also have a dark side. I’m still wondering if and how you will be able to anger a quaggan, looking at the fact that they are a friendly races to us and can’t be attacked. Maybe a dialogue will make them angry at some point. The only thing I can say is: don’t stand to close when you do. And I’ll only do it once, and probably be ashamed of myself after I’ll have done it, but yeah… I just wanna do it.

A quaggan is normally very dolphin-like when it comes to skin colour, but there are also a kind of quaggan who have penguin colors. Now THAT’S something I would like to see. A fat penguin, how cute. Lets hope there isn’t any racism. Imagine that: racism in Tyria (charr vs humans).

Whatever you think about the quaggan, we can all be sure of one thing: they’re gonna need some saving. Let’s hope they don’t become extinct.

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