Monthly Archives: July 2011

Where Was My Invitation? – A Fanday Review

Well, I’m a little insulted that I didn’t get an invitation, but I guess I don’t have enough visitors to be called “popular”, so… I’m still very grateful for all the information, pictures and even some videos we got. Underwater combat and dungeons. That’s what the official visit to the offices of Guild Wars 2 were all about. And let’s not forget the subject that is even closer to being released: the Winds of Change.
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I Wanna Cuddle Them – A Quaggan Post

Quaggan, a friendly, fat dolphin looking race has emerged in Tyria. Being driven away by those horrible krait, they went from living on the bottom of the ocean, being almost unknown, to living in little lakes and rivers. Why didn’t they fight? Why didn’t they just blast those krait instead of running and making themselves known to murdering pirates and other enemies? Well, because they’re afraid to get mad. Continue reading

Do You Get A Map When Visiting? – A Lion’s Arch Post

A video, a blog, a map, we’ve all seen it a while ago. Lion’s Arch was born a while ago, changed because of the rising of the Dragons and became strong, more beautiful and, most importantly, bigger than ever. And when I say bigger, I mean it’s huge. Continue reading