Let’s Bring On The Metal – A Charr Week Review

Who doesn’t want a hot, sexy warrior in its bed? If it weren’t for those claws and the fact that they had some major issues in the past, I think humans would get along with these beasts. But who am I to change the past. Charr week is over, and it was some heavy stuff. No, seriously, metal is heavy.

We began with a good look at what ArenaNet wants the charr to feel like. Designing the village of Smokestead was their way to introduce us to the charr. And how did they do it? With metal.

The village is going to be a massive metal structure, an element that fits the charr very well. Vendors have been relocated for you to go into the right direction. The article gives you a good look at how much time ArenaNet puts into the game and why it’s taking so long for it to finish. And what’s the best thing about this starting area? You’ll be able to zap some cows and get them back in their cages.

If the week has taught us one thing, it’s that the charr are all about war and, most importantly, winning that war. Every charr is born to serve in the military. If not in a direct, soldier, way, then in some other. A scholar will do research to gain advantage in the war, a cook will prepare the best meals for the army to stay strong and the farmers will make sure the meat keeps flowing into the cities.  Charr are raised from birth to be ready to fight. As a cub, they are separated from their parents almost immediately and are raised together with charr of the same age. These will become their most important family, their warband. Their real family will be just a tool to get a reputation or be a foul spot that will humiliate them.

As they get older, they rise in rang if they are good. It is said that the charr are based upon the ancient Roman culture. Me, studying history of art and culture, know better. They are more likely based upon the Spartans. A culture bend on fighting and winning wars, throwing disabled babies from cliffs to their dead. The charr are designed to kill, even the women are designed to be deadly by ArenaNet, and are raised that way to make sure that they will kill.

When you pick a charr, you will definitely be confronted with war. But that’s the whole point of this race, isn’t it? And winning doesn’t need to be fair at all. You can win however you want, as long as you have enough supporters, don’t lose or don’t get caught. Or a combination of these things.

And although it is said that you have to stand united when you’re dealing with an enemy, the three legions aren’t getting along that well. After the demise of their Khan-Ur, their great leader, they have been struggling for power among each other. Although no one sits on the throne these days, the Iron legion, responsible for reclaiming Ascalon and fighting against Ebonhawke, has the most authority. The other legions still try to change this, but not with great effort. They would have been fighting amongst each other, if it weren’t that they found a new enemy after defeating the humans.

By driving the humans out of Ascalon and brining some sort of better balance to their world, they have created new enemies. They almost defeated the last humans in Ascalon when the great king Adelbern released the Foefire, turning all humans in Ascalon into fearless, murderous and undefeatable ghosts, bend on destroying and defeating the charr. Stuck on the day of the Foefire, these ghosts stay in the area in which they were turned on that black day, but still forming a threat for the charr. How can they claim a land that is still inhabited by their enemies’ ghosts? And this isn’t their sole enemy.

After being defeated by the other legions, the Flame legion, who oppressed the nation for so long, ran for the mountains to heal their wounds and plan new battles in the hope of one day returning to their former power. Not directly attacking the other legions, they plan subtle actions in the hope of starting something bigger. Yet, the other legions hinder them greatly.

And if all of this isn’t enough, Kralkatorrik left a great scar on Ascalon, creating new, turned, cruel, Branded versions of the creatures that walked that scar on the day the Elder Dragon flew above it, turning them into crazy enemies.  Having enough trouble as it is, the legions decide to fight these instead of each other and are even beginning to form an alliance with the humans. Although they do not accept humans, they tolerate them, mostly because the leader of the Iron legions says so.

Charr are bend on fighting their greatest enemies and creating the thing they are good at, war. Even if it means they have to make peace with old foes.  This raced bended on making war isn’t exactly my thing, but I can imagine some of us skinny gamer types wanting to be the bodybuilding, fearless, terrorizing, evil bullies for once. But, as it is, I’m a sylvari. Make peace, not war.  Yeah, good luck trying to sell that to a bunch of angry charr.

I would like to dedicate this article to Aineam, our great Guild Leader of Dusk. I couldn’t imagine a better leader. Thank you for letting me be a great part of Dusk. And I hope you enjoy my review/summary.

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