Monthly Archives: March 2011

Playing As A Shadow While Being A Bodybuilder – A PAX East Demo Review

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve written something. Sorry for that. But that doesn’t mean I forgot about Guild Wars 2. Actually, I never stopped thinking about it. 6 profession revealed, 2 more to go. But yet, so many features to be revealed. The redesigned Sylvari, PvP, the remaining race weeks, and now apparently also the, what I call ‘foe’ weeks. But let’s focus on that later. Now, I’d like to focus on something that’s about all of this. Something that brings all of this together in some ways.

I’m talking about the PAX East demo. Continue reading


What About Tomorrow – A Release Date Speculation (Part 1)

Embark Beach, 7-heroes-party, it’s time to see the signs. ArenaNet is, sadly enough, getting ready to set aside Guild Wars en begin a new story. The story of Guild Wars 2. Which means Guild Wars 2 is coming, and maybe sooner than we might expect. Continue reading

Pulled From The Shadows – An Early Thief Review

The thief, waiting in the shadows for his reveal, was brutally pushes into the light last Thursday. Together with some footage of the Norn starting area and guardian, the thief, the sixth profession, was revealed. Shocking for some, exciting for others. But whatever we think, he is here. The thief jumped out of the shadows. Continue reading