Struggling To Survive – A Human Week Review

Our beloved Human Week has come to an end. We all waited with impatience and enjoyed as much as we could. A lot of people are already speculating with the new pictures we got, especially about the three remaining professions. But, let’s face it, we got a lot less than we were expecting. But that’s more our fault than Arenanet’s. We should’ve known that it was more about the hype than the information. But, you know us fan boys, always wanting too much. And although we wanted much, we got what we were allowed to and we even got an unexpected update.

For those who didn’t follow the Week, here’s a summary (Shame on you)

Tuesday, we got a blog about how they were going to make the humans and their world feel alive. We got a lot of audio footage of the dialogue’s that we’re going to hear all around the Human Territory. But we also got quite a look at what’s living in today’s society. As we expected, Humans and Charr aren’t getting along very well. But, Charr are allowed to visit Divinity’s Reach, although the Humans aren’t too happy about it. The Charr threaten and shout at the Humans, Humans don’t put up with it and speak up, but non of the two races seem to dare do anything about it. Words, but no deeds. The military orders probably play their part in this. But how can they fight the Charr without their gods, or even their rulers. The Gods have disappeared, and their absence is noted. Although some stay and pray to the Gods, some are starting to question their powers. This might very well be the start of atheism among Humans in Tyria. And, following the Gods in their decline, the rulers of Tyria are doomed to fall. It seems that instability won’t take much in current times, and people are noticing. The queen is fighting with her ministers, and sooner than we think, the queen or the ministers might fall. Carnival, Ebonhawke and the acceptance of the Charr all play their part in these dark times. And, as if these setbacks aren’t enough, the military is also failing. Enemies have united and are striking the kingdom with their full force. The Seraph try to hold their ground, but less and less people join their ranks and dare to stand up.
Is the human kingdom doomed to fail, or just in desperate need of new heroes. For those who choose to be human, you will stand up and help fight for the existence of your kingdom. And that’s the reason Anet gives us to choose to be human: nostalgia, standing up and fighting for a better tomorrow.

Wednesday, we got to hear about the visual side of the Humans. We got to hear about the improved graphics, how they are going to feel hand-crafted, how every class is going to get an own armor series, not every profession, and how “sexy” the outfit’s are going to be. In other words, everything we already knew. What are our options with character customization? What are the possibilities, how many armor series are there? How can we get them? Nothing new. Although, as it was the standard this week, we got something unexpected. A hint toward the mesmer was released, although it was said that it wasn’t like that, we all know what it means.

Thursday was a big disappointment. A video-tour of the human world was a collection of footage than we already saw, with one or two seconds of new footage. The info on the updated page was nothing new, but the new wallpapers were nice. And now the unexpected: a closed beta is going to be set in 2011, which is going to determine the date of the public beta and THE DATE OF RELEASE. Now the question: are they going to released this information when it is determined. Time will tell.

Friday was the last day and the day we got some new information. The three major military forces of Kryta are not getting along well. The Seraph are fighting outside the walls of Divinity’s Reach and are stretching thin on resources and soldiers. The Shining Blade are spying for the queen and do whatever they like and The Ministry Guard is trying to do the bidding of the ministers, even if they are put aside by both the Seraph and the Shining Blade. A nice story gives us an idea about how it is in GW2 life, and it seems that everything in Kryta is corrupt and broken, even their most devoted defenders.

Human Week surely asked us one thing: Humans, here to stay or follow their Gods into oblivion?

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